OptiMSM® Fine Powder

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OptiMSM® 'Fine Powder'

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Kala Health provides OptiMSM ® powder in five different sizes: 250 g, 500 g, 1kg, 5 kg and 20 kg. In 1 kg bottle a handy double scooped measure spoon of 4 respectively 12 gram is included, which makes dosing easy.  

What qualities OptiMSM ®? 

There are two qualities OptiMSM® powder. First is the 'Microprill' quality. This is a fine powder which the crystals remain readily stick together. This quality is intended, in particular, to tableting, in which very few of fillers are needed. In order to keep the powder is workable, 0.1% silicon dioxide was added (silicon dioxide is nothing but crushed sand!). You could say that this quality OptiMSM ® for 99.9% pure. 

The second quality OptiMSM ® is the 'Coarse Powder' quality. These crystals are somewhat coarser and stick less together. "Coarse Powder" is intended in particular to feed mixing and dissolving in water or juice. However, because of the larger crystals will take a little longer to resolve than when "Microprills'. OptiMSM® 'Coarse Powder' mix not only easier feeding, there is no silica added. You can therefore say that the 'Coarse Powder' quality 100% pure.